I was thinking it may be of interest to be able to send out any new writings to those who enjoy thinking outside the box. What do you think?

Submission to God’s Delegated Authorities

Both these stories depict the act and consequences of questioning and/or acting rebellious toward God’s selected leader.

These accounts, as with all those in the Bible, act as principles which we can and should use to govern our behaviour or at least to know what to expect should we choose not to...

The Problem of Porn

We find in the metaphorical living rooms of most men the elephant that no one wants to talk about, choosing instead to walk around it, ignoring the obstacle to relationship and fellowship that it is. This obstacle is porn or pornography...

Pride is Self-centredness

Pride then is self-centredness, selfishness, self-focus, self-worship, the "feeling that you are more important or better than other people."

"...whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant" (Mat 20:26 NAU)

Living the Life God Designed

It is possible that the "image" and "likeness" is a reference to the unique complex nature of mankind not found in God's other created life forms. That unique nature being spirit, mind, and flesh--distinct, co-existent, and unified--before falling into disobedience. 

No Greater Burden

I have enjoyed, and recommend the experince of participating in the various activities such as Passover, the Feast of Trumpets, etc. from time to time, as a means of experiencing the culture of another people group. This has also been a means of connecting to the Hebraic roots of Christianity and to Yeshua (Jesus), who was himself of the tribe of Judah.

However those who insist that all Christians must participate in these activities cause me a great deal of concern...

The Road to Joy

Everyone’s goal in life boils down to a desire for joy. Achieving joy, lasting joy, does not come from things we buy, from the esteem of others, or from our achievements. Real joy comes by following Yeshua’s injunctions...

Render to Caesar

This verses seems to be quoted almost as often as John 3:16:

"render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s" (Mat 22:21 NAU)

What does it mean or, more importantly, what did Jesus mean by this?

Deceived By Legal Jargon

Legal jargon or legalize is the careful redefining of common words to the advantage of private interests. This is deception at it’s best.

Deception will be a hallmark of the end times. It is already present and active to unbelievable degrees. The fact that it is deceptive means that most are not aware of its activities in day to day life.

Please allow me to illustrate even one prominent example.

Trumpets and the Rapture

Trumpets play an important role in the events of end times as can be seen from these verses and others.

Throughout Israel’s history trumpets were very significant and for that reason I believe they should be interpreted in the light of Israel’s role in end times.

Were they a wakeup call? A call to attention? To action? Yes, all of these, depending on the timing and the context.

Meat Sacrificed to Idols

Meat—Poultry, Beef, and especially Lamb—is almost impossible to find which has not been sacrificed to idols in the form of “Halal” labeled meat.

What should we do? How should we respond to this?

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