Onto Our Shoulders

When Jesus taught His disciples to 'pray this way' the language He used has not been accurately translated into English. His prayer model is a series of imperatives, commands, not mere requests or pleadings. We need to read, “Give us this day our daily bread.” as a command. So too should we read and pray, “Deliver us from Evil” and so on.

Commands are issued by those in authority, and those who are the body of Christ have been given that authority.

What would this world look like if or when the Ekklesia began to act the part of a governor rather than that salt which has become tasteless or lukewarm.

Contracts and Masters

There is currently much to do about government restrictions on the activities of the church in North America.

Is it lawful? Is it legal? Are these two options synonymous?

In general, I use the term lawful as pertains to God's Law specifically that we are to do no harm to another man and we are to fulfil our promises. Man (a term of species not gender) was created by God to be subject to God.

As a long-established rule in law, that which is created is subject to, or under the authority of, its creator.

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