Fathered By God


There it was! I read the words again still not quite believing. "Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline" (Revelation 3:19). For 30 years I understood God to be my Heavenly Father but I had never given thought to his loving discipline as correction into my life. Was this really necessary since God is love? As I wrestled with this thought this verse again came into focus. There it was, in black and white! How was I to respond to this? 

For three years, a famin
e had devastated the kingdom of Israel. The duration and severity finally caught King David's attention prompting him to ask the Lord about its cause. The Lord informed David that the famine came because Saul, his predecessor, had killed some of the Gibeonites in violation of a covenant. After David maderestitution to the Gibeonites the famine ended. If David had been attentive earlier, could he have saved the people, and himself, one or two years of hardship? Are there hardships in my life that could be corrected with the same attention? 

This book will interest adults who believe in God as their Father, and are looking for answers and a way out of the hardships and maladies in their lives.


Dr. Mark Virkler of Communion with God Ministries, writes, "Fathered by God is a book that I should have read about 20 years ago. It would have enhanced my growth, and my understanding of God as my Father.”

"I wanted to thank you for your amazing book Fathered by God - this book was one of the biggest blessings of my life. Understanding the consequences of disobedience has been one of the most life-changing things I have ever encountered. I have put the principles into practice, and it is a much better way to live. Thank you!" A.R.

"Wow! Dr. Bydeley, your book, Fathered by God, is good. A very slow and reflective read. I have never taken so long to read a book before. Your observation and commentation is amazing. You have definitely hit a home run with this book. I told my daughter that a small group study using this material would be awesome." W.B. 10/11


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